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This site,, is part of the InDepthInfo family of websites. It is an effort to present all of the pertinent information concerning napkin folding. While this may seem to some a trivial subject, manners and culture are important not just to society, but to individuals because they help to make life happier and healthier. Manners also help define who we are. Napkin folding is just a little piece of that puzzle. Even so, napkins are important and useful as anyone who has been at a table in a restaurant with a five-year-old who has just spilled his drink will know.

The author of this site is W.J. Rayment, creator of several websites on etiquette, manners, cooking, and related topics. He is also author of the The Real Man's Cookbook: How, When, What and Why to Cook, a popular and humorous book that gives insights to men on the art of cooking.

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If you have any comments about the content on this site, or if you find any errors, grammatical or factual, please contact us and we will attempt to rectify the situation at the earliest possible moment. We hope you enjoy perusing this site as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

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