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How to Buy or Make Custom Napkins

There are many reasons a family would want custom napkins. There might be a set of antique dishes, or a special table cloth with which to coordinate. Monogrammed napkins give an air of exclusivity to an event. There are two choices in acquiring custom napkins, make or buy.

Purchasing plain napkins is a whole lot easier. There are plenty of styles and colors from which to choose. Everything from primary colors to subdued hues. There are a variety of patterns and styles, and some even come with a table cloth. However, this will not always satisfy the requirements of a specific event. For this, places like or or even your local monogram stitcher, can provide an elegant solution.

A great option for a customized look is to make your own cloth napkins.

Paper napkins can also be purchased for special occasions. This is an especially popular way to set up for weddings, baby showers, and other special events. Cups and Napkins and many local printers can produce white or colored paper napkins with special designs in a variety of sizes that include coctail, luncheon, and guest towel sizes.

Custom napkins can serve as a keepsake from a special event, or it can simply be a way to enhance the experience of an occasion.

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