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How to Fold Basic Buffet Napkins

Basic Buffet Napkin

The basic buffet napkin fold is ideal for almost any occasion. If there is one fold that is all purpose, this one is it. The fold is more stable than most folds and comes with a pocket, which can be stuffed with silverware, a flower, a small gift, or some other decoration. It is perfect for parties of all kinds and even looks appropriate layed out at a dinner party (though it is not as elegant or original as many other folds).

Step 1 - Basic Buffet Napkin Fold

Neatly lay the napkin out on a table.

Fold in half, bringing the bottom side to the top.

Step 2 - Basic Buffet Napkin Fold
Step 3 - Basic Buffet Napkin Fold

Fold down the top layer to meet the bottom edge.

Flip the napkin over and fold back the first quarter to the mid-point.

Step 4 - Basic Buffet Napkin Fold
Step 5 - Basic Buffet Napkin Fold

Fold the quarter again.

And again. There will be a relatively sturdy pocket beginning half way down the napkin.

Step 6 - Basic Buffet Napkin Fold
Step 7 - Basic Buffet Napkin Fold

Stuff the napkin with silverware or a decoration, or simply leave as is.

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