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How to Fold a Bishop's Hat Napkin

A napkin folded into the shape of a bishops hat

The bishop's hat napkin has an elegant look and is great for events with a fairly limited number of guests, dinner parties, and intimate occasions come to mind. This is a napkin fold that stands up for dramatic effect. There is also pockets which can be stuffed and even a place card can be inserted in a fold at a jaunty angle. There is also an open area behind the peak that could conceivably be filled with candy, or relatively light objects. This is a nice elegant fold.

Step 1 - Fold a Bishops Hat Napkin

Lay out the napkin out on table.

Fold the napkin in half, diagonally (left to right). Note, although these examples use square napkins, it is not essential that they be perfectly square.

Step 2 - Fold a Bishop Hat Napkin
Step 3 - Fold a Bishop Hat Napkin

Swing the napkin around so the fold is at the bottom. Thefold the right side up, making the right corner of the triangle meet the top.

Do the same for the left side.

Step 4 - Fold a Bishop Hat Napkin
Step 5 - Fold a Bishop Hat Napkin

Fold the bottom up so that it is about 1-inch (2 cm) short of the top.

Take the point of the fold and bend it back to touch the base of the napkin.

Step 6 - Fold a Bishop Hat Napkin
Step 7 - Fold a Bishop Hat Napkin

Flip the napkin over.

Bring the left side about half way back.

Step 8 - Fold a Bishop Hat Napkin
Step 9 - Fold a Bishop Hat Napkin

Bring around the right side and tuck it into the pocket on the right.

Stand up and display.

Step 10 - Fold a Bishop Hat Napkin

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