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How to Fold a Bunny Napkin

A napkin folded into the shape of a bunny

The bunny napkin fold is perfect for Easter, but can be a cute fold any time of year, especially for occasions where children are the center of the event. For the effect, this is actually a fairly simple fold. It works best when there is something to hold the back of the napkin. Perhaps, wedge it between a couple of chocolate bunnies, or even use a clothes pin to keep the back from spreading. In this photo, the back has been wedged between a couple of eggs.

Step 1 - Bunny Fold Napkin

Lay the napkin out on a table. If there are fold lines in it already it is best to lay them out horizontally.

Fold the top of the napkin in half, taking the top and bringing it down.

Step 2 - Bunny Fold Napkin
Step 3 - Bunny Fold Napkin

Fold the napkin in half - bringing top to bottom again.

As if you are folding a paper airplane, bring the two sides together to make a point at the top.

Step 4 - Bunny Fold Napkin
Step 5 - Bunny Fold Napkin

Take both bottom corners and bring them up so the sides are touching and a point is formed at the base.

Do the same thing again to both the right and left sides.

Step 6 - Bunny Fold Napkin
Step 7 - Bunny Fold Napkin

The result should look something like this.

Take the top part of the diamond and fold it over backwards.

Step 8 - Bunny Fold Napkin
Step 9 - Bunny Fold Napkin

Flip it over (and turn upside down).

Finally, pull bottom right and left corners straight back so they meet. The result is something like this. Napkin Peter Cotton Tail, hopping down the bunny trail.

Step 10 - Bunny Fold Napkin

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