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How to Make a Candle Napkin Fold

A napkin folded into the shape of a candle

The candle napkin fold is versatile. It can be used for festive occasions like birthday parties, or homecomings. Yet it is quite appropriate for events built around vigils, or and other solemn occasions, any event at which candles are associated. This is a relatively easy fold. It stands up well with a stiff napkin, yet is very easy to unfold for actual use. It looks very much like the object it is meant to represent. The candle napkin is original, multi-purpose, and useful. This is a good one to memorize.

Step 1 - Candle Napkin Fold

Put the napkin flat out on a table or counter-top. A couple fold-lines already in the napkin from storage should not effect the final result.

Fold the napkin in half, diagonally. It is fastest to do this from bottom to top. If you are making more than just a few, this will be a factor.

Step 2 - Candle Napkin Fold
Step 3 - Candle Napkin Fold

Fold the bottom upward one to two inches depending on the size of the napkin. This will form a stable base.

Flip the napkin over and begin to roll from the left edge. The diameter of the resulting cylinder should be about 2 inches (5 cm).

Step 4 - Candle Napkin Fold
Step 5 - Candle Napkin Fold

Continue the roll across the entire napkin.

At the end there should be a short stub remaining.

Step 6 - Candle Napkin Fold
Step 7 - Candle Napkin Fold

Lift it up and tuck it in to the base fold.

Finally, stand up the candle. Take the front layer and fold down about one inch as shown. The result is a beautiful candle shaped folded napkin.

Step 8 - Candle Napkin Fold

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