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How to Fold a Fancy Pocket Napkin

The fancy pocket fold is easy to do and is impressive for special occasions.

The fancy pocket napkin fold is an excellent choice for wedding parties, rehearsal dinners, showers, and even fund-raising dinners where the napkin is already on the table, and the silverware needs to be stuffed into the napkin. The folds can also accommodate a flower or even a bookmark sized card to good effect. Unlike the basic buffet napkin fold it is not good for buffets because the fancy fold does not hold together well when lifted and carried, especially when holding a heavy silverware.

Step 1 - Fancy Pocket Napkin Fold

Lay the napkin out on a table. Generally, a few wrinkles at the start will be okay after the napkin has been folded and smoothed.

Fold the napkin in half.

Step 2 - Fancy Pocket Napkin Fold
Step 3 - Fancy Pocket Napkin Fold

Fold in half again - long-wise.

Arrange the napkin so that the main fold is at the bottom and the loose leaves are at the upper right.

Step 4 - Fancy Pocket Napkin Fold
Step 5 - Fancy Pocket Napkin Fold

Roll back the top layer diagonally from the upper right toward the lower left.

But stop as the roll reaches the upper left and lower right corners of the napkin.

Step 6 - Fancy Pocket Napkin Fold
Step 7 - Fancy Pocket Napkin Fold

Fold the next layer under the roll, leaving about an inch (2 cm) exposed, this layer is NOT rolled.

The third layer should then be folded backward under the second layer, again leaving about one inch.

Step 8 - Fancy Pocket Napkin Fold
Step 9 - Fancy Pocket Napkin Fold

Fold about a quarter of the left side back and under.

Fold the right side back and under.

Step 10 - Fancy Pocket Napkin Fold
Step 11 - Fancy Pocket Napkin Fold

Stuff the pocket with object of choice.

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