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How to Make an Iris Napkin Fold

A napkin folded into the shape of an iris

The iris napkin fold gives the impression of a flower springing from a beautiful crystal glass. Great for any occasion when wine glasses are called for. This is not the easiest of folds. The accordion fold complicates things somewhat, so unless you have lots of time it is best to keep this fold for small dinner parties. Try different colored napkins for a flower-garden-like effect. Probably best if the napkin is not too stiff for this one.

Step 1 - Iris Napkin Fold

Begin with the napkin laid flat out on the table.

Fold the napkin diagonally in half, bringing up the lower right corner to meet the upper left.

Step 2 - Iris Napkin Fold
Step 3 - Iris Napkin Fold

Bring up the lower left corner until it is about equal in height to the top of the middle of the previous fold. The fold should end an inch or two (5 cm) short of the center.

Do the same for the starboard (right) side.

Step 4 - Iris Napkin Fold
Step 5 - Iris Napkin Fold

Bring the bottom up to be about two inches short of the top.

Take the same fold back so that the point extends slightly beyond the bottom crease.

Step 6 - Iris Napkin Fold
Step 7 - Iris Napkin Fold

Here is the hard part. The accordion fold should begin by bending the left corner in, going back-and-forth vertically across the entire napkin. Try to arrange it so that a crease comes across the middle of the highest peak, making both sides symmetrical.

Holding the accordion push the napkin into the wine glass with the thicker base at the bottom.

Step 8 - Iris Napkin Fold
Step 9 - Iris Napkin Fold

Bend down one side. This looks to me like a representation of a child waving.

Pull down the other side. The effect is of a flower blooming out of the glass.

Step 10 - Iris Napkin Fold

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