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How to Fold a Monogrammed Napkin

A napkin folded to highlight the monogram

Having monogrammed napkins is a luxury most people do not have. They reveal personal ownership, and pride in that ownership. The object of the monogram fold is to show off these special napkins in their best light. As monograms are generally placed in a corner and angled diagonally this fold will leave the monogram facing the diner. It can be placed on a plate or set beside a place setting.

Step 1 - Fold Monogrammed Napkin

Place the napkin face down on the table so that the monogram is on the lower right side, face down.

Fold down the top of the napkin so that it touches the bottom.

Step 2 - Fold Monogrammed Napkin
Step 3 - Fold Monogrammed Napkin

Fold the napkin in half again, bringing the left over to the right side.

Now angle the napkin so that the monogram could be read, if the table were glass and you were on the under side of it. Bend the top down so that the point reaches the approximate middle of the diamond.

Step 4 - Fold Monogrammed Napkin
Step 5 - Fold Monogrammed Napkin

Fold the left side over to the right at an angle so that the fold angles to the left and the inside edge crosses the point of the last fold, as shown.

Make a similar fold on the right side.

Step 6 - Fold Monogrammed Napkin
Step 7 - Fold Monogrammed Napkin

Turn over the napkin to reveal the monogram.

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