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Offset Napkin Ring Fold

An offset napkin ring fold

The Offset Napkin Ring Fold is among the easiest folds. It only requires a quick flip and then a grip in the middle of the base, followed by a quick pull through the napkin ring. Depending on the napkins and the rings, the fold can sustain either a casual or elegant look. This is an excellent fold for use when there are a large number of place settings. For buffets it can sometimes be awkward simply because of the way the napkins stack in a tub or bin.

Step 1 - Offset Napkin Ring Fold

Begin by laying the napkin square out on the table. (Sometimes the perspective in the photographs make them appear to be rectangular.)

Make an "offset" fold in the napkin so that the two peaks at the top are about equal.

Step 2 - Offset Napkin Ring Fold
Step 3 - Offset Napkin Ring Fold

Grip the napkin at the middle at the bottom. This is the point at which the napkin should be stuffed through the ring.

The result is a beautiful flower. This works best with colored napkins. In this case the blue would look good on a white table cloth. Use a contrasting color ring, as in this case pink. A darker blue would also work well.

Step 4 - Offset Napkin Ring Fold

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