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How to Fold a Party Hat Napkin

A napkin folded into the shape of a party hat

A fun fold for kid's parties is the party hat napkin fold. It is a relatively simple fold, once the pattern is learned. The key to a good fold is to remember to tuck the loose flap under on the second to the last step. These will look good next to a plate of cake and ice cream. However, they are not quite big, or sturdy enough to stand in place of actual card-board party hats. They work best with bright colors or checks. The effect will be lost with a white napkin.

Step 1 - Party Hat Napkin Fold

Lay the napkin out on a table. This one is square, but looks rectangular, because I had to change the aspect ratios to get it in the picture frame. As you can see a couple of creases from previous folds should not negatively effect the finished party hat.

Take the top half and fold it downward.

Step 2 - Party Hat Napkin Fold
Step 3 - Party Hat Napkin Fold

With one finger on the top-middle of the napkin, loosely roll half of the napkin into a cone.

The finished roll should point roughly south-south-west (depending on your perspective, of course).

Step 4 - Party Hat Napkin Fold
Step 5 - Party Hat Napkin Fold

Take the top right corner and fold it to the line of the middle of the napkin.

Give the cone one more roll so that the point is on the bottom.

Step 6 - Party Hat Napkin Fold
Step 7 - Party Hat Napkin Fold

Flip up the triangle on the right. There will be an extra flap at the base of the resulting cone, tuck it under the brim of the conical hat. To make it more secure tuck it between the folds, as shown.

Turn the hat over and flip up the point to make the base even. The hat will stand up on its own, without assistance. However, it will not last long perched on a wagging head.

Step 8 - Party Hat Napkin Fold
Step 9 - Party Hat Napkin Fold

The final result, looks good both on an off a plate. An interesting effect might be to gently rest a napkin ring on the top or attach a piece of ribbon to the top to make a medieval ladies hat.

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