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How to make Napkins into Sail Boats

A napkin folded into the shape of a Sail Boat

The sail boat napkin fold is among the easiest to do. It looks very nice laying on a plate, especially for dinners with a nautical theme. Consider the sail boat fold when serving sea food or for dinner parties where friendship is the theme. It should be stressed that this sail boat fold does not stand up, and will not float on its own. A few attempts in the bath tub had very soggy results. It is NOT the newspaper fold. We tried the newspapeer style fold several times, but the napkin proved too thick and there was never enough of it.

Step 1 - Sail Boat Fold Napkin

Neatly lay the napkin on a folding surface - any clean table-top will do.

Bring the upper left hand corner down to meet the lower right hand corner.

Step 2 - Sail Boat Fold Napkin
Step 3 - Sail Boat Fold Napkin

Turn the napkin so the fold is facing downward.

Fold the left side again so that the straight edge runs down the middle.

Step 4 - Sail Boat Fold Napkin
Step 5 - Sail Boat Fold Napkin

Do the same for the right edge.

Fold the loose flap on the left at the bottom of the napkin up even with the bottom fold.

Step 6 - Sail Boat Fold Napkin
Step 7 - Sail Boat Fold Napkin

Do the same for the right side. If you can do them both at once pat yourself on the back for being highly efficient.

Finally, fold the bottom up to cover up the two folded flaps, and voila you have a beautiful little sail boat.

Step 8 - Sail Boat Fold Napkin

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