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Learn to Fold Napkins

Think of napkin folding as a kind of cloth origami. Folds can be elegant to set off a nice dinner party, or it can be a fun shape for a festive occasion, like a birthday party. The little extra effort it takes to find and implement an appropriate style can show guests and loved ones just how special you think they are.

Below are different napkin folds, varying from very simple to highly ornate. Click on the image of the finished napkin to see detailed instructions on how to create the folds. For more information on napkins in general, see the side-bar to the left.

Basic Buffet Napkin Fold
Basic Buffet Fold
Basic Buffet Napkin FoldMonogram Fold Fancy Pocket Napkin FoldFancy Pocket Fold

For more elegant dinner parties and dining occasions there are some beautiful folds that will amaze your guests.

Bishop Hat Napkin FoldBishop Hat Candle Napkin FoldCandle Iris Napkin FoldIris Napkin Fold

Festive occasions call for festive napkins. These napkins are designed for special occasions including birthday parties, Easter, and sail boat themed parties.

Bunny Napkin FoldBunny or Easter Party Hats Napkin FoldParty Hat Fold Sail Boat Napkin FoldSail Boat Napkin

Napkin rings, especially heirloom rings can add history, themes, or festive decoration to parties or events.

Classic Napkin Ring FoldClassic Napkin Ring Standing Napkin Ring FoldStanding Napkin Ring Offset Napkin Ring FoldOffset Napkin Ring

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